An insect repellent technology that keeps pesky insects at bay.

What is Antibite™?

Antibite™ is a technique to treat textiles with an insect repellent.

How does it work?

Insects use scents to navigate their way through nature. The product is based on a natural amino acid that sends a scent message to insects to stay away. As Antibite™ is repellent and not a pesticide, insects do not develop resistance to it, nor does it inhibit reproduction, as is the case with most traditional insecticides. The substance does not cause skin irritation, is not absorbed by the body, is odorless and has no side effects. It is also environmentally friendly and harmless to mammals and fish.

Where does the treatment take place?

Antibite™ is applied with nanotechnology directly to our finished garments by our partner in Portugal. As it penetrates the fibers of the textile, the effectiveness of the agent increases and the effect lasts for up to 80 washes.

What are the benefits for the user?

With Antibite™ you don't need to use any other mosquito or insect repellents. Because the active ingredient is in your clothes, you always have the protection on you. The quality or appearance of the clothing is not affected by the application and Antibite™ remains effective for at least 80 washes. The product is completely environmentally friendly, which means that protection is not at the expense of nature or mammals.

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