Our materials

For us at Swedteam, function is everything. As a hunter, we know that the best hunting experience is when you are reasonably warm, dry and can move silently without being seen. Our clothing uses cutting-edge textile technologies and materials developed with the hunter's challenges in mind.

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Thermal booster

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Technozone™ by iwarm

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Swedish developed outer fabric with excellent wind and water repellency.

Registered trademark of FOV AB

Our proprietary protective fabric for wild boar pants. Ensures that tusks or other sharp objects do not penetrate.

Registered trademark of Swedteam AB

The leading comfort solution for maintaining high comfort during physical activity. Polyester fibers wick moisture away from the skin to the surface layer where it evaporates.

Registered trademark of LYCRA Company

Durable fabric used primarily as a reinforcing surface on exposed surfaces and pockets.

Our proprietary membrane with wind and moisture protection and good breathability (10,000 mm/10,000 grams/m2/24h).

Registered trademark of Swedteam AB

A windproof and waterproof material with high breathability. Primarily used as warming insulation in gloves and mittens.

Swedteam-developed material that is light, flexible and quiet. The material is designed specifically for backpacks.

Trademark of Swedteam AB

High-tech fiber for insulation of different types of garments. Low weight and high insulation capacity. Good breathability.

PrimaLoft® is a registered trademark of PrimaLoft,Inc.