Waterproof with NEONORDIC®


NEONORDIC® is a protective membrane with Nordic quality, inspired by the Nordic climate. Here, functionality is key. In addition to protection against wind and moisture, the garments should also offer a high level of comfort and be easy to move around in, so that you can stay protected while maintaining a high level of comfort. Traditionally, it has been difficult to combine ample protection with good breathability, but with NEONORDIC® we want to change that.

How does it work?

NEONORDIC® is laminated with an advanced Homogeneous Hydrophilic membrane which provides the highest level of waterproofing, breathability and comfort. It is a so-called smart membrane that adapts to the body's activity where water vapor can easily penetrate the membrane for superior breathability.

The water column of NEONORDIC® 200 products is 20,000 mm, which is well above the limit of what is considered waterproof.

This protects you from water and wind while allowing moisture from within to escape, keeping you dry and comfortable. With good mobility and great durability, NEONORDIC® can be used for different types of equipment, both light and thin garments but also on garments with a focus on durability.

Where and how is the material produced?

To ensure that the membrane is of high quality, we work closely with manufacturers and production. The material is manufactured at a certified factory in South Korea, which has worked closely with us at Swedteam to test and develop the ultimate material. Garment production is handled by a partner in the high-tech city of Nanjing in China. The company has extensive experience in manufacturing garments for the Scandinavian climate and according to Scandinavian wishes and fits.

We use various tests to check that the membrane meets the standard we want. We test for breathability, UV resistance, durability and water repellency. 

What are the benefits for me as a user?

NEONORDIC® is a material designed for real hunting, for all-weather activity. The membrane should not only offer good protection, but also be easy to move around in. We have therefore worked particularly hard on comfort and breathability to develop a light, quiet and soft membrane of high quality and durability.

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