The longer you use your garment from us, the more sustainable it becomes. For you, for us and for the environment. This is as true now - as it was 100 years ago. Swedteam was founded in Länghem in Västra Götaland in 1919. Over 100 years later, we can proudly say that we are still in the same place - and still work according to the same philosophy. Here we take care of our customers' beloved old garments while developing new, innovative and durable materials. Here we combine old and new.

Long life = reduced carbon footprint

We often meet customers in beloved old Swedteam garments with many years behind them. They are well-tested garments that can be used season after season. Durable garments that, with their long service life, conserve natural resources. Garments with well thought-out details, functions and features that enhance the hunting experience and give that little extra. It is not for nothing that the garments have become our customers' favorites. 

Sewing room in Länghem - The heart of our activities

Länghem houses our entire operation with product development, purchasing, marketing, warehousing and logistics. This is also the heart of the business, and something we are particularly proud of - our sewing room. Here we repair garments, sew in jackets, shorten trousers and change buttons and zippers. This is where we ensure that our customers' favorite garments have a longer life. Caring for and taking care of what we have is a mindset that characterizes our entire business.

Sustainable material choice for clothing with RE-ECO™️

We strive to produce high quality garments with sought-after features that can be used year after year. Another way we work sustainably is with thoughtful material choices. We are leading the development of new functional materials. Our material RE-ECO™️ is an example of this. RE-ECO™️ consists of 100% recycled polyester and also has a PFC-free surface treatment. Better for the environment and more sustainable in the long run. The goal is for you to use your garment from Swedteam for as long as possible. That it will become a new favorite that gives you joy for a long time to come.